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University Undergraduate Research

Division of Undergraduate Education

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The Office of Undergraduate Research will host the Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Conference Friday, April 24, 2015, Squires Student Center


Detailed Schedule

All Day Registration Squires 2nd Floor Atrium

8:30am -9:00 am  Poster set-up Old Dominion Ballroom (lower level)

9:00am - 10:15am Session I: Poster presentations  Old Dominion Ballroom (lower level)

10:30am - 11:30am Session 2: Panel on presenting UG research- Room 219  (Moderator: Keri Swaby)

10:30am – 11:45am Session 3: Oral presentations 

                    3A. History- Brush Mountain A (Moderator: Dale Winling)

                    3B. History- Brush Mountain B (Moderator: Ryan Rideau)

                    3C.  Life Sciences- Room 300 (Moderator: Emma Condy)

                    3D. Liberal Arts and Human Sciences- Room 342 (Moderator: Dr. Alexander Dickow)

                     3E. Engineering-Room 345 (Moderator: Dr. Will Mather)

11:45am – 12:45pm Lunch Old Dominion Ballroom (upper level)

11:45am – 12:45pm Poster set-up Old Dominion Ballroom (lower level)

12:45pm – 2pm Session 4: Poster presentations Old Dominion Ballroom (lower level)

2pm – 3pm Session 5: Oral presentations

                    5A. History- Brush Mountain A (Moderator: Dr. Peter Wallenstein)

                    5B. Liberal Arts and Human Sciences-- Brush Mountain B (Moderator: Dr. Steven Wilson)

                    5C. Liberal Arts and Human Sciences- Room 219 (Moderator: Ryan Rideau)

                    5D. Life Sciences- Room 300 (Moderator: Jason Smith)

                    5E. Marketing and Statistics- Room 342 (Moderator: Dr. Caleb King)

                    5F. Engineering- Room 345 (Moderator: Colby Weit)

3:15pm – 4pm Session 6: Performances Old Dominion Ballroom (upper level)    

 4pm - 5pm Session 7: Installations and Displays

The Office of Undergraduate Research is excited to announce the appointment of our inaugural group of student ambassadors! Ambassadors come from a variety of majors and minors, with vast undergraduate research experience on diverse topics in the sciences, engineering, business, liberal arts, and human sciences. Their primary role is disseminating information about undergraduate research. Ambassadors offer regular information sessions on undergraduate research (what it is, why you should do it, how to get involved, and how to find opportunities) and are available for individual drop-in consultations at weekly office hours. All services offered by the ambassadors are free and open to the campus at large. We welcome any student from any discipline who is interested in getting involved in undergraduate research of any kind. Feel free to contact us.


OUR Ambassadors 

Ambassador Email Major(s) Minor(s)
Mahtaab Biological Sciences French, Crop & Soil Science
Kristen Biochemistry Spanish, Chemistry
Albert Biological Sciences Nanoscience
Dorian Biological Sciences Entomology
Sarah Economics Political Science
Colby Aerospace Engineering Spanish, Math, Economics
Jade Applied Economic Management Economics, International Studies
Diana Food Science and Technology Biological Sciences


Want to get involved in undergraduate research? Don't know what it is or how to get started? Have questions and want to talk to someone who has participated in research?

Come to one of our information sessions or meet one-on-one with a student ambassador or VT's coordinator for undergraduate research.

Information sessions: 1st Wednesdays of each month in the Newman Library Multipurpose Rm

      Feb 4: 3-3:30 & 3:30-4pm

      Mar 4: 4-4:30 & 4:30-5 pm

      Apr 1: 4-4:30 & 4:30-5pm

OUR Ambassador Drop-In Office Hours

      Mondays, 1-3pm in MCB 233

      Tuesdays, 2-4pm in MCB 302

Undergraduate Research Coordinator Drop-In Office Hours

      Thursdays, 2-4pm, Burruss 104N

      Fridays, 1:30-3pm, Burruss 104N