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  • Undergraduate Researchers in Deep Learning & Biomimetic Robotics at Virginia Tech Office of Undergraduate Research Employer: Virginia Tech Office of Undergraduate Research Expires: 05/31/2022 Research assistantships for undergraduate students from CS, ECE, and ME are available in a research project sponsored by the Naval Engineering Education Center (NEEC). The project ("Bioinspired Physical Deep Learning Paradigm for Sonar Sensing in Cluttered Environments") seeks to integrate deep neural networks with a bat robot to reproduce the superior navigation abilities of bats that live in dense forests. The project has computational, electronic, as well as mechanical components and individual projects can be defined to match the interests of the respective undergraduate researcher. Projects can be carried out on an hourly wage basis ($13.33/h, 300 hours per semester maximum) or for credit in the form of undergraduate research. Undergraduate students at all levels, i.e., freshmen through senior, will be considered for the positions. Projects to work for credit are available to all students irrespective of citizenship status. Projects performed on a wage-basis are for US citizens only. US citizens working on the project will also have the opportunity to present their work at annual meetings at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport RI or another Navy R&D site and can receive help with finding internships and jobs in the Navy's R&D enterprise. Interested applicants should send their CV and unoffical transcript to Dr. Rolf Mueller at and schedule an appointment.
  • Undergraduate Researcher at Virginia Tech Office of Undergraduate Research Employer: Virginia Tech Office of Undergraduate Research Expires: 05/30/2021 The Terrestrial Robotics and Engineering Controls (TREC) Lab at Virginia Tech is looking for Undergraduate Students from ME, ECE, CPE, and CS interested in working on the numerous ongoing projects which include Humanoid Robots, Exoskeletons, Robotic Manipulation, and Autonomous Vehicles, just to mention a few. The lab will provide a collaborative environment where students from different disciplines will be working together towards a common goal and learning from each other. Working on any of these projects can result in credit hours toward Independent Studies, Undergraduate Research, or Senior Design Projects, depending upon the student's preference. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students will be considered and project assignments will be tailored to the expertise already available, or that the student is seeking to develop.Interested applicants should send their CV to Dr. Leonessa at and use to schedule an appointment.