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Undergraduate Research Services Librarian

Did you know that University Libraries has someone specially designated and available to help you with undergraduate research? Amanda MacDonald serves as the Undergraduate Research Services Librarian. Amanda has prepared a number of valuable tutorials and presentations on a variety of research related topics. If you need individual assistance or have questions, please contact her:

Amanda MacDonald
Phone: 540-231-3663


Odyssey is a learning objects and educational resources repository created and maintained by the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. A dynamic, growing resource, Odyssey features a variety of educational resources--videos, handouts, infographics, lesson plans, and more.

Here is a sample of research-related tutorials and videos available on demand:

  • Introduction to Proposals
  • Planning Your Research Poster
  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Writing More Efective Abstracts
  • Introduction to Data Ethics
  • Managing your Files
  • Using Data Ethically

Studios and Labs at Newman Library

In order to provide students and patrons access to emerging technologies and collaborative spaces for creative work, the University Libraries have created a series of studios all focused on facilitating innovation. The library studios provide free access to advanced hardware and software, and encourage an atmosphere of play and discovery. Learn more about each of the Studios: