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Students: Summer Undergraduate Research at Virginia Tech

Welcome to your summer research experience at Virginia Tech!

Summer Research Period May 26, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Summer 2020 at Virginia Tech will be a unique one, with all in person activities being suspended. This includes undergraduate research. But this does not mean there will be no research taking place! Many students will engage in online or virtual research throughout the summer.

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is here to support you as you discover and rise to the challenges of research, particularly in this unique environment. We will provide you with opportunities to learn how to instill in others enthusiasm for your work, whether that is through a personal statement, abstract, research proposal, presentation, or casual conversation. We will build a social and professional network of summer researchers and help you connect to other like-minded peers from Virginia Tech and across the country. All of this is open to summer researchers and other students wanting to make the most of their summer to prepare for research in the Fall or Spring.

What we ask of you is that you explore the seminars and training we are offering. Join the Hokie Connect Discussion Board and meet successful alumni who have been where you are now. Connect with OUR peer mentors and the research community virtually. Participate. Engage. Connect. Ask questions (of your faculty advisors, peer mentors, and of each other). When you feel stuck, take a brain break, or reach out to your peer mentors. Sometimes you can find answers to difficult questions in the most unexpected places. 

Our goal is that when your research comes to an end, you finish proud of the work you have accomplished and a little more secure in the path you hope to take through life.