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Handshake Submission for Research Opportunities

The OUR consistently gets requests from students for a place to find research openings around campus. To meet this demand we have established a site on VT's Handshake platform, where faculty members can post their research opportunities for undergraduates. In pilot tests this summer, postings received 10-20 applications within about a week, which is a strong indicator that students are using Handshake and actively seeking undergraduate research opportunities. We see this as a great way to reach students both in and outside your discipline. Through this platform you will have full autonomy to post, edit, and remove your listing at any time.

You are invited to post your undergraduate research openings (voluntary, for credit, for pay, etc) on OUR Handshake platform to recruit students starting immediately. View simple and quick instructions. Please email Keri Swaby with any questions or issues with the platform.