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Dennis Dean Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Conference

Spring 2022 Dennis Dean Undergraduate Research Conference

April 29, 2022
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Squires Student Center Commonwealth Ballroom B

Conference Awards

Research Excellence Awards

  • Sophia DeSimone (Biochemistry)
  • Ian Hicklin (Biochemistry)
  • Chantal Johnson-Schuster (Animal and Poultry Science)

Ben Knapp Award for Research in the Creative Arts

Hokienauts Group project:

  • Mithil Adsul (Electrical Engineering)
  • Burak Topo (Computer Engineering)
  • Kien Tran (Computer Engineering)
  • Sabrina Lesser (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Rafiul Kabir (Computer Engineering)
  • Jasmine Walker (Creative Technologies)
  • Natalie Kinnamon (Graphic Design)
  • Devina Bawa (Graphic Design)
  • Lauren Sartori (Graphic Design)

Karen Roberto Award for Research in the Social Sciences

  • Ursilia Beckles (English)

Stefan Duma award for Research in Biomedical Engineering

  • Sarah Seay (Biochemistry)

Natural Resources and Environment Award

  • Kevin Bayne (Wildlife Conservation)

ICTAS Adaptive Brain and Behavior Award

  • First Place: Trisha Ravigopal (Psychology)
  • Second Place: Lauren Duma (Clinical Neuroscience)
  • Third Place (tie): Sara Carter (International Relations)
  • Third Place (tie): Srindhi Jayakumar (Psychology)

ICTAS Critical Technologies Award

  • First Place: Connor Hall (Chemical Engineering)
  • Second Place: Victor Mukora (Computational Modeling and Data Analytics)
  • Third Place: Alexander Davis (Chemical Engineering)

ICTAS High School Award

  • First Place: Jacqueline Hou
  • Second Place: Samuel Xiang
  • Third Place: Erika Miyazaki

Policy Destination Area Award

  • Victor Mukora (Computational Modeling and Data Analytics)
  • Hannah Upson (Political Science)
Session Time
A 8:00-8:50 a.m.
B 9:05-9:55 a.m.
C 10:10-11:00 a.m.
D 11:15 a.m.-12:05 p.m.
E 12:20-1:10 p.m.
F 1:25-2:15 p.m.
G 2:30-3:20 p.m.
H 4:00-4:50 p.m.
Session Time
A 8:00-8:50 a.m.
B 9:05-9:55 a.m.
C 10:10-11:30 a.m.
G 2:30-4:00 p.m.

Primary Presenter By Last Name

Presentation Title

Poster Session

Session Time

Poster Number

Bowman Examining the impact of alternative drought measures for Pastureland Insurance on producer payouts across the US A 8-8:50 1
Cullen Investigating Barriers to Sustainable Behaviors at Virginia Tech A 8-8:50 2
Duma The Biomechanics of Head and Chest Impacts from Falls in Equestrian Sports A 8-8:50 3
Fiorellino Poison Ivy Urushiol Levels Are Not Correlated With Microbe Levels Nor Reproductive Metrics A 8-8:50 4
Harrison The effect of temperature on fomite survival of _Mycoplasma gallisepticum_ A 8-8:50 5
Luttazi Autism in the Workplace: Addressing Social and Cognitive Ability and its Connection to Collaboration. A 8-8:50 6
Madren NOVA Natives vs Other VA Natives: Perceptual Dialectology in Virginia A 8-8:50 7
Meier Examining Discrimination as a Distal Moderator of the Proximal Association Between LGBTQ+ College Students Alcohol Use and Cyber Dating Abuse A 8-8:50 8
Mukora Practical Application of Machine Learning to Solar Energy A 8-8:50 9
Ortiz Alvarado Synthesis of Glycopolymers and Evaluation of their Antibacterial Properties A 8-8:50 10
Pacini Characterizing intracellular survival of the ‘oncomicrobe’ Fusobacterium nucleatum A 8-8:50 11
Salko Examining the Impact of High CSMR and Nitrate Levels on Lead Release from Lead Solder A 8-8:50 13
Sherman Upscaling linear chemical reactions in porous and fractured media with a continuous time random walk framework A 8-8:50 14
Shoppell Elucidating Auxin Signaling Specificity Through ARF/IAA Interactions Using Synthetic Biology and Circular Polymerase Extension Cloning (CPEC) A 8-8:50 15
Thetga The Effects of Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) in Combination with Dietary Enzymes on the Digestibility and Performance of Broiler Chickens A 8-8:50 16
Toms Probing the Influence of Inhibitor Presence on the Dynamic States of Sphingosine Kinase Isoforms A 8-8:50 17
Vadlamani Does maternal attention facilitation and infant initiated joint attention promote word learning at 2 years of age? A 8-8:50 18
Woolls Identifying Genetic Associations for Methionine Content in Soybeans using a Genome-wide Association Study  A 8-8:50 19
DeSanto The Power of Gratitude  B 9:05-9:55 1
N/A N/A B 9:05-9:55 2
Fogarty Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the G-Quadruplex Present in the human-VEGF Promoter Region B 9:05-9:55 3
Fyfe Evaluating discharge status and routine outcome monitoring (ROM) adherence in anxiety and non-anxiety clients in a psychology training clinic. B 9:05-9:55 4
Gomez Synthesis of novel alpha-1,3-glucan Polymer Derivatives for Amorphous Solid Dispersion Technologies B 9:05-9:55 5
Greenberg Heat Switch B 9:05-9:55 6
Herzog Fungi of Stadium Woods B 9:05-9:55 7
Lovill Exploring ontological knowledge to study miniaturization in fishes B 9:05-9:55 8
Miyazaki Environmental Fate and Impact of Commonly Used Disinfection Wipes B 9:05-9:55 9
Murray An exploratory comparison of therapeutic alliance before and after the implementation of telehealth in a community-based clinic B 9:05-9:55 10
Palmer Constitutively expressed Green Fluorescence protein in Bartonella tamiae B 9:05-9:55 11
Ravigopal The Impact of Temperament on Levels of Externalizing Behaviors in 9-Year Olds B 9:05-9:55 12
Sicking Determining the range and distribution of the Opuntia humifusa complex in Virginia B 9:05-9:55 13
Trimble Pathogen spillover into the Asian longhorned tick, Haemaphysalis longicornus in Virginia B 9:05-9:55 14
Wakefield Go with the Flow: Designing a Biomimetic Fluid-Filled Insect Wing Flapper B 9:05-9:55 15
Walker "The Ability to Speak Does Not Make You Intelligent": Dialect, Stereotypes, and Othering in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace B 9:05-9:55 16
White Getting Along Like Cats and Dogs: Examining Interactions between Bobcats (Lynx rufus) and Coyotes (Canis latrans) in the Central Appalachian Mountains. B 9:05-9:55 17
Yessayan A Microfluidic Platform for High Throughput Screening of Multicellular Tumor Spheroids B 9:05-9:55 18
Hodge Kicking Assets B 9:05-9:55 19
Allen Impact of microplastics on Native Crayfish ectosymbiosis: Are fitness and growth affected? C 10:10-11 1
Argo Investigating the effect of size and composition of various sugar molecules on binding affinity to glucokinase C 10:10-11 2
Nauman Agriscience Teachers' Confidence in Microscopes as a Teaching Tool C 10:10-11 3
Carter Eins, Dos, Three!  Investigating Language Inhibition in Trilingual Students C 10:10-11 4
Crudup Cellular Food: The Current State of Cellular Meat and Fish in US Agriculture C 10:10-11 5
Duffett The Influence of Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, and Future Valuation in a Population with Substance Misuse C 10:10-11 6
Dunn Uses and Perceptions of Two Appalachian Wildflowers: Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) and Red Trillium (Trillium erectum) C 10:10-11 7
Hanna Courtesy Horn C 10:10-11 8
Huber Identification of key residues involved in antagonist binding in the Mu-opioid Receptor in Mus musculus C 10:10-11 9
Kendrick The Comparison of Retinol and Retinal Binding to Squid Isorhodopsin C 10:10-11 10
Larsson Salinity in Tidal Irrigation Sources C 10:10-11 11
Leedy Elucidating the Subcellular Localization of NLRX1 in Pancreatic Cancer Cells C 10:10-11 12
Mason Utilization of Computational Techniques to Analyze the Effect of the Mutation of Residue S101 of the JAR-1 Protein Complex of Arabidopsis thaliana. C 10:10-11 13
Payne The Impact of Elevated Inositol Pyrophosphates on Root Physiology in Response to Nutrients in Arabidopsis thaliana C 10:10-11 14
Rafqzad BBB leakage causes an atypical neuronal phenotype after early mTBI/concussion C 10:10-11 15
Schmidt Creating a Guide to Poisonous Plants for Felines C 10:10-11 16
Spradlin The Specificity of Binding Interactions Between Glucokinase and other Carbohydrates in E. coli. C 10:10-11 17
Stein The Effect of Ligand Type on Binding Affinity to the Mu-Opioid Receptor C 10:10-11 18
Williams Predictive factors of social efficacy during middle childhood C 10:10-11 19
Zeman Potential Drug Targets; The Effect of Mutagenesis on Sphingosine Kinase 1 Ligand Binding C 10:10-11 20
Baine Angle of Repose for Stinkbugs D 11:15-12:05 1
Byrne Expected Number of Distinct Patterns in a Random Permutations  D 11:15-12:05 2
D'Ercole Relations Between Parents’ and Children’s Math Anxiety along with Children’s Math Avoidance and Math Performance in Elementary School D 11:15-12:05 3
Edwards Weight gain benefits of creep feeding claves D 11:15-12:05 4
Gilmore Comparing Disintegration Rates of Various Disintegrants D 11:15-12:05 5
Gonzalez Rooting for Shoots: Enhancing Plant Regeneration through Inducible Morphogenic Transcription Factors D 11:15-12:05 6
Harrop Neural Circuits for Self-Harm and Aggression D 11:15-12:05 7
Hou The Effects of Inflammatory Neutrophils on Endothelial Cell Integrity D 11:15-12:05 8
Katsiris Child Vocabulary Mediates the Longitudinal Association Between Maternal Parenting and Child Social Competence D 11:15-12:05 9
Midkiff How do Differing Sensor Systems Respond to Natural Environmental Conditions? D 11:15-12:05 10
Rasnick The Role of Parental Age as a Predictor of Maternal Sensitivity in Early Childhood  D 11:15-12:05 11
Sadler Lysine-2,3-aminomutase and a newly discovered glutamate-2,3-aminomutase produce β-amino acids to overcome salt stress in methanogenic archaea D 11:15-12:05 12
Schiff Surveillance of Pathogens in Blacklegged Ticks from Southwest Virginia D 11:15-12:05 13
Sinclair Associations Between Somatic Complaints and Aggression Across Childhood D 11:15-12:05 14
Turner Phenology of Container-Breeding Mosquitoes in Southwest Virginia D 11:15-12:05 15
W The effect of pH and symbiont density on outcomes in a cleaning symbiosis D 11:15-12:05 16
N/A N/A D 11:15-12:05 17
Yu Ideologies of Intelligibility in Subtitling D 11:15-12:05 18
Weitzenhofer Beary Active Cubs? - Quantifying American Black Bear Mother and Cub Behavioral Changes Surrounding Hibernation Emergence E 12:20-1:10 1
Chau Understanding the cell type relationship between major grain crops using single-cell RNA-sequencing E 12:20-1:10 2
N/A N/A E 12:20-1:10 3
Dugan Restoring connectivity: impact on ant seed-dispersal mutualisms E 12:20-1:10 4
Dulli Development of a countertop scale mini anaerobic digestion system E 12:20-1:10 5
Eberhardt “This city will be chocolate at the end of the day”: Racial identity, colorism, and generational change in the New Orleans Black and Creole communities E 12:20-1:10 6
Greatorex-Potter Using In-Silico Techniques to Design Novel Antagonists for Propanediol Dehydratase E 12:20-1:10 7
Hicklin In Silico Exploration of Inhibitors of the Type IV Pilus Extension Protein PilB in Clostridioides difficile E 12:20-1:10 8
Hoffer Does a Sunny Day Enhance a Sunny Disposition?  Effects of Weather on Expressions of Interpersonal Gratitude E 12:20-1:10 9
Hoffer Pre-COVID vs. Post-COVID: Did the Pandemic Influence Expressions of Interpersonal Gratitude? E 12:20-1:10 10
Hoffer The Positive Impact of Interpersonal Gratitude on Subjective Well Being: How Can We Be More Grateful? E 12:20-1:10 11
Hoffer Social Modeling versus Diffusion of Responsibility: Determining the Role of Order in Pedestrian Expressions of Gratitude E 12:20-1:10 12
Irwin Developing a short-term, used litter model to evaluate co-products from craft brewing for promotion of growth and health in broilers E 12:20-1:10 13
Kee Customer satisfaction in, depletion out: The Big Five on depletion in customer service E 12:20-1:10 14
Kwak Sing, act, and dance with robots: A child-robot musical theater afterschool program for STEAM education. E 12:20-1:10 15
Mendrinos Poultry concentrated animal feeding operations on the Eastern Shore, Virginia, and geospatial associations with adverse birth outcomes  E 12:20-1:10 16
Paulus Real-time Streaming Data Products from a Large Sensor Network in a Remote Permafrost Region E 12:20-1:10 17
Reuwer Airborne sound sensation and short-term memory in C. elegans E 12:20-1:10 18
Siedlarz Site-directed mutagenesis approach to identifying functional motifs of the circadian factor period2 in response to genotoxic stress E 12:20-1:10 19
DeSimon Combating Antibacterial Resistance: Characterizing Ribosomal Antibiotic Binding Pockets to Advance Bidentate Design   E 12:20-1:10 20
Bayne Analyzing Stereotypic Stress Behaviors in Captive Wild Caught American Black Bears (Ursus americanus) F 1:25-2:15 1
Bowen A Study into Perceived Dialect Boundaries of Southwest Virginia F 1:25-2:15 2
Cobb Role of Technology Use on Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Before and During COVID-19 F 1:25-2:15 3
David Using High Frequency Irreversible Electroporation to Treat Canine Lung Adenocarcinomas F 1:25-2:15 4
Desverreaux Using MD Simulations to Characterize Biologic Peptide Folding for Disrupting PD1/PD-L1 Interfaces   F 1:25-2:15 5
Duma An Optimized Whitewater Helmet Prototype Designed Using a Newly Developed Helmet STAR Evaluation System and 3D Printing F 1:25-2:15 6
ElBouchti An Inquiry-Based Approach to Exploring the Effect of Engineering Decisions of Ecological Systems F 1:25-2:15 7
Frye Emotion Regulation Moderates the Association Between Vocabulary and Externalizing Behavior in Early Childhood F 1:25-2:15 8
George 5G Opportunities in Warehousing F 1:25-2:15 9
Hall Development of Porous Yolk-Shell Catalysts for Acetylene Semihydrogenation F 1:25-2:15 10
Kamineni Computational Analysis of the Amphipathic Helix A and B Region of Brome Mosaic Virus Replication Protein 1a F 1:25-2:15 11
Mendrinos Impact of nonpharmacological Interventions on COVID-19 outcomes  F 1:25-2:15 12
N/A N/A F 1:25-2:15 13
Rahn Characterizing plant poisoning trends in domestic animals using data from an animal poison control hotline (2001 - 2021) F 1:25-2:15 14
Schiller Fossil Capital's Perpetual Cycle F 1:25-2:15 15
Tiwari Natural Language Processing to Support Scalable Assessment F 1:25-2:15 16
Tury Assessing Spatial and Temporal Activity of Native and Invasive Amphibians through Bioacoustic Remote Sensing Technology F 1:25-2:15 17
Williams Effect of Biochar on Bioavailable Nitrogen and Phosphorus  in Food Waste Compost F 1:25-2:15 18
Xiang Understanding the Exact Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 Binding to the Human ACE2 Receptor F 1:25-2:15 19
Childers The Failed Zero Forcing Number of Grid Graphs F 1:25-2:15 20
Coleman A Living Learning Community Functional Genomics Investigation G 2:30-3:20 1
Davis The Number and Distribution of Stem Cells in the Small Intestine of Chickens G 2:30-3:20 2
Ferguson Predicting Population Growth of an Introduced Minnow Species Chrosomus oreas Threatening the State Endangered Chrosomus tennesseensis G 2:30-3:20 3
Garg Simulating Ice Deformation Patterns through The Computational Modeling of Real-Time Geographic Mesh Inputs in Relation to Climate-Based Conditions G 2:30-3:20 4
Heltzel Accommodation in Colloquial Singapore English  G 2:30-3:20 5
N/A N/A G 2:30-3:20 6
Kirina Self-corrosion of an Al-Mg-Ga alloy in a NaCl solution for sacrificial anode applications G 2:30-3:20 7
Long Examining Linkages Between Population Change and Water Quality Violations in the U.S. G 2:30-3:20 8
Madigan Predicting the Range of Two Southern Appalachian Wildflowers (Sanguinaria canadensis & Trillium erectum) Under Future Climate Change Scenarios G 2:30-3:20 9
Makarov How do Cells Maintain Very Low Noise? G 2:30-3:20 10
McWilliams Investigation of Varying Interstitial Fluid Flow Rates on Glioma Stem Cell Invasion G 2:30-3:20 11
Nowall Preparing a Guide to Common Poisonous Plants for Virginian Dogs G 2:30-3:20 12
Paasch Biochemical Characterization of a Flavin-Dependent Monooxygenase from Zonocerus variegatus G 2:30-3:20 13
Shaw Examining differences in treatment duration and outcomes between adult and child transfer and non-transfer clients in a psychology training clinic G 2:30-3:20 15
Soffin The Effect of Life History Characteristics on Primate Dental Evolution G 2:30-3:20 16
Tuosto An Innovative Approach to Measuring Subjective Well-Being: Lessons from confirmatory factor analysis G 2:30-3:20 17
Zhang Q&A on Zoom for preschoolers: The impact of on-screen partner’s questions on preschoolers’ word learning and memory of content from shared book reading over video chat  G 2:30-3:20 18
Zohre Design and Testing of a Novel Household Anaerobic Digester G 2:30-3:20 19
Zhang Poison Ivy Urushiol Trait-Trait Allometric Relationships Do Not Reveal A Consistent Pattern Of Purifying Natural Selection. G 2:30-3:20 20
Asmerom Under Represented Minorities Participation in Outdoor Activities H 4-4:50 1
Callahan Social Media and Attention H 4-4:50 2
Catalan Projecting species distribution models across state landscape for conservation H 4-4:50 3
Davis Bimetallic Approaches for C-H Bond Functionalization H 4-4:50 4
Fellinger Assessment of Water Quality of Stroubles Creek in Blacksburg, VA as Indicated by Macroinvertebrates  H 4-4:50 5
Johnson-Schuster Impact of cattle feeding paradigms on key meat quality attributes H 4-4:50 6
Kogelis Low level Control of Humanoid Robots H 4-4:50 7
Lacey Bagless Blacksburg: A Prompting Intervention to Increase the Use of Reusable Grocery Bags H 4-4:50 8
Logan Acousto-Optic Nondestructive Inspection H 4-4:50 9
Manohar Project Title: Intragalactic Death Stars: The Damage of a Close-Ranged Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) H 4-4:50 10
McGrath Fantastic Beasts and Urbanization: Understanding Spatial Effects on Artificial Cavity Use by Eastern Screech Owls H 4-4:50 11
McKenzie Industrial Hemp Forage Potential H 4-4:50 12
Sestak The Effect of Intermittent Stream Flow on Macroinvertebrate Community Composition in Sinking Creek, VA H 4-4:50 13
Starratt Developing a Hybridized Multi-Agent pSLAM/RRT*/MCL/R-CNN Algorithm Applied to  Autonomous Multi-Sensory UAV Navigation H 4-4:50 14
Tan Enhancing Functionality of Ynamides via Borylations to Synthesize (Z)-Beta-Alkenylamide Boronate H 4-4:50 15
Tenney Gas exchange and light utilization of invasive and native understory shrubs in an old growth Appalachian urban forest H 4-4:50 16
Yu Bus Behavior: Gratitude in the Community H 4-4:50 17
Zhang Sing, act, and dance with robots: A child-robot musical theater afterschool program for STEAM education. H 4-4:50 18
AlAmiri Detection of Atmospheric Microplastic Fallout in the Southwestern Appalachian Mountain Region H 4-4:50 19
Primary presenter last name Presentation Title Format Oral session Session time Presentation Time
Adsul Hokienauts Space Suit Augmented Reality Interface Performance A 8-8:50 8-8:15
Said NESTAI Performance A 8-8:50 8:15-8:30
Wynne Quantifying uncertainty contributions for lake thermal dynamics under future climate scenarios Performance A 8-8:50 8:30-8:45
Jayakumar Intolerance of Uncertainty is Associated with Suicidal Ideation and Depression in Adolescents and Emerging Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic Oral B 9:05-9:55 9:05-9:20
Ngwa OpenBCI Brain Control Oral B 9:05-9:55 9:20-9:35
Phillips Using Native Warm-Season Grasses to Develop a Well-Balanced Forage System Oral B 9:05-9:55 9:35-9:50
Beckles The Socioemotional Development of Minority Women in Majority White Evangelical Spaces Oral C 10:10-11:30 10:10-10:25
Upson "When the Right to Access (Life) Becomes a Burden": Accessibility to Public Health for Disabled People in Virginia during the COVID-19 Pandemic Oral C 10:10-11:30 10:25-10:40
Wade Qualitative Study of Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality in Virginia Oral C 10:10-11:30 10:40-10:55
Wilson Examining the relationship between academic burnout, mental health and student perceptions of impact of COVID-19 on student learning Oral C 10:10-11:30 10:55-11:10
Ayala Rodriguez The Impacts of Mental Illness and Suicidality on Siblings Oral C 10:10-11:30 11:10-11:25
Farzan Synthesis of Oxygen-Based Ligands for C-H Bond Activation Catalysts Oral G 2:30-3:45 2:30-2:45
Oker Species-Specificity in Thermopreference and CO2-Gated Heat-Seeking in Culex Mosquitoes Oral G 2:30-3:45 2:45-3:00