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ACC Meeting of the Minds (ACCMoM)

UNC-Chapel Hill Virtual 2021 Conference
April 9-11, 2021

Application deadline: 1/25/21 and Faculty Recommendation deadline: 1/27/21

Each year, Virginia Tech will select up to 5 outstanding undergraduate researchers (accompanied by a faculty/staff member) to present their research.  At most universities the student delegates are chosen through a refereeing process.  It is truly an honor to be invited to participate in this conference. 


  • The research is original, student directed, under the advisement of a faculty member.
  • Abstracts of each research project are gathered in a conference brochure.
  • Full-length virtual presentation (10 minutes using Power Point, Prezi, or similar platform) or Abbreviated presentation that will follow the “3 Minute Thesis” format.
  • Students will be able to pick the format in which they present their research, however, this is not guarenteed.
Awards announced: Spring 2021.
  • All expenses are paid by the ACCAC.