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Presentation Guidelines and Expectations

This document provides general guidelines to assist students in preparing presentation materials for the conference. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to work with their faculty/research advisor in preparing presentations. Dress code for the event is business or business casual. It is hoped that you will participate in the full day of events to maximize the benefits gained from a conference experience and to support your fellow researchers.

If you have any questions about the format or other requirements for presenting your research, please email Keri Swaby.

Poster Presentations

By default, all presentations will be in poster format.

  • Posters should not exceed 30” in height x 40” in width. Standing display boards and mounting tacks will be provided at the conference.
  • You should plan to arrive at your assigned presentation session AT LEAST 15 minutes before it starts in order to hang up your poster. At the end of your session, you will remove your poster.
  • You will remain with your poster for the duration of your session, which will typically be 1-hour in length.
  • All posters should have a professional appearance and should include color, graphics, photographs, and/or other visually stimulating aids.
  • Minimize text. Try to use one line of text to highlight each major point.
  • Use simple fonts that can be read easily and from a distance. Font size should be no less than 18 point. Posters should be readable from two or three feet away, so the larger the font, the better. Standard recommended sizes range from 24-60 point bold.
  • Pay close attention to the organization of your poster. Information should follow a logical order and should guide viewers through your research activity. Basic contents typically include: title; researcher’s name(s); university and major; thesis or hypothesis statement; purpose/significance of study; data collection method; analysis, and; if appropriate, results/findings.
  • See tips for creating effective posters
  • Please ask your faculty mentor to print your poster. See other poster printing options