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UG Research Faculty Grant

Faculty grant program now available to scale undergraduate research!

The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research is to foster an undergraduate research community that promotes, enhances, and expands undergraduate research opportunities for all students at Virginia Tech. Our vision is to provide undergraduate research opportunities for all students, in all fields of study, beginning their first year through a capstone experience.

The goals of the Undergraduate Research Faculty Grant Program are to:

  1. Increase student access to genuine undergraduate research opportunities, and
  2. To widen the breadth of opportunities and participation across majors.

2022-23 Application Details

The Undergraduate Research Faculty Grant Program will provide a handful of grants of up to $10,000 to individual faculty, teams of faculty, or departments, to facilitate the development or support of novel programs that aim to scale and increase access to undergraduate research opportunities for VT students.

Proposals must be submitted through the online form.

Deadline for submission: October 17 at 5:00 p.m.

Here is the list of items you will need to complete your proposal. You are encouraged to compose your responses in a word processor and then copy and paste them into the form. You will be able to access and edit your proposal up until the deadline.


(Brief responses preferable)

  1. Proposal title.
  2. Short overview of the proposed work (2-3 sentences).
  3. Description of how the proposed work aligns with the goals of the Undergraduate Research Faculty grant program (i.e. how will the proposed project activity scale or increase access to undergraduate research?).
  4. Description of the structure of the proposed project activity. Please be as specific as possible.
  5. Explanation of how the project activity differs from existing programs.
  6. Explanation of why new resources are needed to support the development or delivery of this program, course, or activity and description of any existing resources that will be leveraged.
  7. Description of the particular students and number anticipated to engage in the activity (majors and academic rank) and why this group was selected for the proposed program.
  8. Description of current and prior experience engaging and mentoring undergraduates in research for each member of the application team.
  9. Description of anticipated students gains from engaging in the activity.


Provide an itemized budget listing relevant expenses in the categories of Personnel (please note that these funds cannot be used for undergraduate fellowships; however, it is possible to use the funds for student hourly wages), Equipment/supplies, and Travel/professional development.

You will also need to provide the name and email address of your business manager, who would handle the transfer of funds should you be awarded an Undergraduate Research Faculty Grant.

Letter of Support

Upload a brief letter of support (Word or PDF format) signed by your Department Head, College Dean, or Institute Director that includes:

  • a commitment to supporting the applicants' time and efforts to complete this work
  • a commitment to offer the activity upon completion of the work, if possible

A proposal missing a letter of support will be deemed incomplete. Please note that although you can edit your proposal until October 17, you can only upload documents (i.e. letter(s) of support) on your FINAL submission.

Note: You will be able to edit your entries until the deadline by accessing the application form using the link you will be provided upon submission.

Please email Keri Swaby with any questions.