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Undergraduate Research Excellence Program (UREP)

Begin your research journey

Launched in Spring 2018, UREP is a novel way for any undergraduate student in any major to:

  1. connect with undergraduate research resources and support;
  2. receive much deserved recognition for engagement in undergraduate research.

UREP will allow you to: 

  • Track your undergraduate research journey.
  • Validate your experience through recognition of your research efforts and achievements.
  • Showcase your experience for potential employers and professional/graduate schools.

Additional benefits to participating: 

  • Access to advising and mentoring from the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Guidance from University Libraries in developing research skills.
  • Support from University Libraries to create an ePortfolio to track your research journey.
  • Earn a graduation cord reserved exclusively for students who complete UREP.

How does UREP work?

UREP understands that every undergraduate student’s research journey is unique, so there are multiple avenues for students to become involved throughout their academic careers. To complete the program, students will earn points from each of the categories below, in any combination, for an overall total of at least 50 points. Each category has a pre-defined minimum and maximum number of points which may be earned within it. Tracking will be conducted through UREP's canvas site.

Sign-up to be added to the Canvas site where you will post relevant information in each category. You may sign-up at anytime but in order to complete the program and be recognized you must submit all required information by the deadline specific to your graduation date.  

For Fall 2023 graduates, the deadline to submit all information is December 4, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

For Spring 2024 graduates, the deadline to submit all information is March 4, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Minimum points required: 5; Maximum points that can be earned: 15

  • 10 points = Advance Research Skills (ARS) Program.
  • 8 points = Intro to Research class (such as UH1604, ALS1984 or comparable)
  • 6 points = Introductory undergraduate research course (XXX-2994)
  • 1 point (per workshop) = Undergraduate research related workshops (offered by the OUR or University Libraries, or research office at another institution)
  • 1 point (per certification) = Training certification (such as RCR, COI, Health and Safety) specific to student’s research project

Email Amanda MacDonald if verification of the Advanced Research Skills Program is needed.

Minimum points required: 12; Maximum points that can be earned: 26

  • 12 points = Complete a full-time 8 to 10-week summer undergraduate research program:
  • 6 points (per semester; max. of 12 per year) = Complete an academic-year undergraduate research program.
    • eg. Fralin Undergraduate Research Fellowship, IMSD- equivalent to about 12 research hours per semester
  • 2 points (per credit hour or equivalent) = Conduct approved** undergraduate research 
    • This may be for credit via XXX-4994, volunteer, or for pay. 
    • Please note: in order to count for UREP, student will need to submit a description of the research project, and their role and time commitment to the project.

Please email Keri Swaby if you have questions about your research-related experience and if it qualifies.

Minimum points required: 5; Maximum points that can be earned: 30

Minimum points required: 1; Maximum points that can be earned: 10

  • 10 points = Create and maintain an ePortfolio to showcase and reflect on research experience(s).
  • 5 points = Maintain a research blog during active engagement in research for at least one semester. The blog must be shared with the OUR, for posting on their website.
  • 1 point = Write a reflective essay. 
    • Students must describe their journey in undergraduate research, address what they learned through their various undergraduate research endeavors, and how they plan to use the knowledge gained and lessons learned via undergraduate research after graduation. 
    • Essays must be at least 500 words in length and submitted on the UREP Canvas site.

Minimum points required: 0; Maximum points that can be earned: 30

  • 15 pointsServe as an ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research (at least one year of service)
  • 15 points = Serve on the editorial board of an undergraduate research journal (at least one year of service)