Students: Summer Undergraduate Research at Virginia Tech

Welcome to your summer research experience at Virginia Tech!

Summer Research Period May 26, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Summer is arguably (but only minimally so) the best time of the year to be in Blacksburg. In the Office of Undergraduate Research, we are here to help you make the most of your experience and your time here. 

We are here to support you as you discover and rise to the challenges of research, particularly those unique to one condensed into the span of about 10 weeks. We will provide you with opportunities to learn how to instill in others enthusiasm for your work, whether that is through a personal statement, abstract, research proposal, presentation, or casual conversation. We will show you why we love this campus and community, and what makes us so proud to be Hokies.  

What we ask of you is that you explore the seminars we are offering. Peruse the tours and day trips. Put them on your calendar. Participate. Engage. Play. Ask questions (of your faculty advisors, lab mates, mentors, and of each other). When you feel stuck, take a brain break. Go for a hike or out to dinner with your peer mentors. Sometimes you can find answers to difficult questions in the most unexpected places. 

Our goal is that when your research comes to an end, you finish proud of the work you have accomplished and a little more secure in the path you hope to take through life.

Lofty? Perhaps. Attainable? Absolutely. 



Outreach + Opportunities to Share Your Work

STEMability Camp: Talk to campers about your experiences in Undergraduate Research
July 15, 3:20-3:50
340 Goodwin Hall Room

Student Transition into Engineering Program (STEP): Offer incoming engineering students insights into Undergraduate Research
July 12, 2:00-2:45pm

German Fulbright Program: Multiple opportunities to meet visiting German undergraduates participating in the Fulbright program at Virginia Tech

Summer Fun!

Summer 2019 Fun: Students in group photo
Summer 2019 Fun: Students in group photo along the water