OUR Ambassadors


Spring 2018 Office Hours:

Tuesdays: 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Wednesdays: 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

Burruss Hall, Suite 104, room N


OUR Ambassadors are here to help you. Each of these extraordinary students has signifigant experience in undergraduate research at Virginia Tech, and represent a wide swath of disciplines in both their academic and research interests. You may meet with them through weekely office hours, which will be held once a week in Burruss Hall, suite 104N (time and day will be posted before the begining of the semester). OUR ambassadors will also have regular 'pop-up' information sessions on undergraduate research around campus throughout the semester (what it is, why you should do it, how to get involved, and how to find opportunities). Lastly, if you see that one of the ambassadors has interests that you think align with your own, reach out to them! You can do this by filling out the form found under 'contact ______' below their name and information.

All services offered by the ambassadors are free and open to the campus at large. We welcome any student from any discipline who is interested in getting involved in undergraduate research of any kind. 

Have a question? Contact one of us!


Nala Chehade

Majors: International Studies + History

Minor: Spanish

Contact Nala


Clark Cucinell

Majors: Computer Science + Chemistry

Contact Clark


Dallece Curley

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Leadership and Social Change

Contact Dallece


Rishi Devulapalli

Major: Neuroscience

Contact Rishi


Julia Gerow

Majors: Animal and Poultry Sciences + Agricultural Business

Contact Julia


Saalehah Habeebah

Majors: International Studies +

Water: Resources, Policy, and Management

Contact Saalehah


Sophia Lee

Major: Environmental Science: Water Resources, Policy, and Management

Minor: Green Engineering

Contact Sophia

Ryan L

Ryan Lupi

Major: Human Nutrition, Foods, and Excercise

Contact Ryan


Eryney Marrogi

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Chemistry

Contact Eryney


Rachel Moore

Majors: Literature and Language
+ Creative Writing

Contact Rachel


Ryan Mowrey

Majors: Biological Sciences + Water: Resources, Policy, and Management

Contact Ryan


Katherine Olson

Majors: Environmental Science + Biochemistry

Minor: Watershed Management

Contact Katherine


Katie Pereira

Majors: Neuroscience
+ Psychology

Contact Katie


Amina Rahimi

Majors: Biochemistry

Minors: Immunology + Bioengineering

Contact Amina